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*Page created by loving boyfriend

Hey there Samantha
I'm so glad that you are with me
your ever present presence is my security
and your with meee
even in my dreams
even when it seems
you don't want to be

Hey there Samantha
please don't fret about your fears
the three of us will see you through
and someday soon
there will be no more tears
we'll all be here
the four of us can be like golden years

Oh its what you do for me
trapped in this love we are so free
live our lives together you and me
see just what we want to see
be just what we want to be

Hey there Samantha
I hope you enjoyed my little song
about the way i love you so
i stole it from some guy
just like the way i stole your soul
from some asshole
who will never know
just what it means to be a whole

Oh its what you do for me
trapped in this love we are so free
live our lives togeather you and me
see just what we want to see
be just what we want to be

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